What's This?

This blog is a sort of tagboard for things I've found on the internet.  I cycle through the net relentlessly, in search of Interesting Things.  I've grown tired of the routine of emailing everyone I think would like this or that thing, however, as I can't ever seem to keep track who I've sent what to.  I've also, less frequently, run into a problem of forgetting where I had found certain items weeks or months after the fact, when I want to share them with people.

To combat this, I've decided that the best thing to do is to snag the stuff I think is worth sharing and flag it as belonging to relevant categories.  The result: a database of the stuff I've found, sorted into categories to simplify searching by readers and myself alike, kept as terse as possible and updated as I continue to find things.

Ireneo?  Funes?

The site is named for Ireneo Funes, a character by Borges who forgets nothing.  It seemed the right person to invoke.




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  1. very nice blog. have added it to my blogroll…


  2. interesting finds! you’re in my blogroll, too. :-0

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