Post #2001: Ireneo’s Top 5%, Again

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Just under two years ago, I listed the fifty best links of my first thousand posts.  Here, now, are the best of the best from the second generation:

1. Knytt Stories: A free, extensible, and elegantly minimalist platforming game with rock-solid controls.

2. Gear’s Heart: A frankly astonishing piece of handiwork.  Just turn to crank to experience (and recover from) heartbreak.

3. Complexification: Proof that making software that makes art is itself art.

4. One Year In 40 Seconds: Soothing time-lapse photography/animation.

5. Catatumbo: The Everlasting Storm: In Venezuela, there is a storm that has raged every night for hundreds of years.

6. This. Fucking. Election.: We’ll remember the buzzwords far longer than we remember the scandals.

7. Chicken Chicken Chicken: Chicken Chicken: Chicken chicken chicken chicken.

8. 5 Card Nancy: Telling a story competitively and cooperatively.

9. The World Community Grid: Do the right thing.  Donate those clock cycles you aren’t using to charitable science.

10. And I Refuse To Forget: A short film about the power of love and the dangers of memory.

11. “Weightless” by Erika Janunger: A clever and stylish piece of media art.

12. How To Deconstruct Almost Anything: Why computer scientists probably shouldn’t take up literary criticism.

13. Cake Wrecks: The very best of the very worst of commercial cake making.

14. “Garbage Island” by VBS.TV: A raw and striking documentary about the “Great Pacific Garbage Patch.”

15. The Light Blubs of Pieke Bergmans: Light fixtures in need of a diet.

16. Dean Kamen’s “Luke Arm”: The future of prosthetic arms.

17. Evolving Clocks: Proof that evolution is a blind watchmaker, provided the clocks can breed.

18. The Comedy of Victor Borge: Classic pieces by one of the all-time great musical comedians.

19. The Junior Science Club Musical Archive: The life’s work of the prolific Logan Whitehurst.

20. Portrait Of The Godfather Using The Hand-Drawn Script: A stunning combination of design and obsessive compulsion.

21. The Loudness War: How digital recording, instead of enriching popular music, is draining it of its essence.

22. Modern Hobo Code: How hobos find the best ATMs.

23. team9: Superlative music mashups from down under.

24. “The Ecstacy of Influence” by Jonathan Lethem: A thoughtful essay about the artistic merit of plagiarism.

25. Using Photographs To Enhance A Static Scene: New tools with which your eyes can be lied to.

26. The Hauntening: Short film showing what happens when the ghosts aren’t too bright.

27. Garfield Minus Garfield: Easily the most brilliant of the Garfield remixes on the net.

28. Keepon: The most adorable of all the robots.

29. How To: The Droste Effect: Escherize your photos.

30. Teach The Starlings: A mad quest to educate starlings about their origins.

31. “City of Shadows” by Alexey Titarenko: Haunting, eerie long-exposure photography.

32. The Reimagined Still-Life Paintings Of Jose Manuel Ballester: Imagine your favorite paintings with all the people removed.

33. Wordle: A powerful and intuitive new text visualization web application.

34. Principles of Economics, Translated: What economists really think about, behind the buzzwords.

35. The Disumbrationist Hoax: One man humiliated the art world by revealing that it will accept anything as genius.

36. Kids In Mind: Movie Ratings That Work: Forget G through NC-17.  This site has the best movie rating system you’ve ever seen.

37. Ladies of the Ages: Beauty through the generations.

38. The Wooden Mirror: Your reflection, in animatronic wood.

39. “My Paper Mind” by Javan Ivey: The baffling beauty of stratastencil animation.

40. Seven Deadly Glasses: The sins, as hilarious wine glasses.

41. “Always Outsiders, Never Outdone” by The Prodigy: A free album of solid remixed electronica.

42. Igudesman & Joo: Comedic chamber music, provided the chamber is a rubber room.

43. The Journey of Mankind: Our current best guess at human migration.

44. Books That Make You Dumb: See what kind of brains those who like the same books as you are sporting.

45. Lost Cities: Photographing the ruins of lost civilizations the world over.

46. How To Make A Crowd Without Extras: How to turn a car load of props and a couple of guys into an entire war.

47. Map of Humanity: All that we are, in geographic form.

48. Ambigram.Matic: If you’re looking for a site that generates ambigrams, look no further!

49. Beyond Red & Blue: Understanding America’s political landscape using subdivisions other than state lines.

50. Norwegian Recycling: A young kid with real talent for chopping & mashing music.

The Fantastic Landscapes Of Daniel Dociu

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If the man’s art doesn’t speak for itself, there’s always his words.

“R.U.R.” by Karel Čapek

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An English translation of the play that started it all.

100 Movies, 100 Quotes, 100 Numbers

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A more self-explanatory title, there could not be.

Post #1001: Ireneo’s Top Five Percent

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The 50 best links of Ireneo’s first 1000 posts, in ranked order.

1. A Woman From The Inside Out: This flash animation says more about art than any lecture I’ve sat through or tutorial I’ve read.

2. Black People Hate Me And They Hate My Glasses: “This is one of my New York stories, one of my favorite New York stories.”

3. The Vader Sessions: “I had a nervous breakdown once. After 14 years on the force, it just came upon me without any warning at all.”

4. Incredible Machines: Japan is the new Rube Goldberg.

5. While My Ukelele Gently Weeps: Jake Shimabukuro demonstrates why the ukelele is not just some toy for kids.

6. Scent Of A Robot: “I’m a robot, programmed not to know that I’m a robot! But some bonehead emailed me the computer code that makes up my soul! Now I’m running ’round, trying to forget what I know.” (.mov warning)

7. Building A BlueSniper Rifle: How to handshake with a Bluetooth device at a range of half a mile.

8. The Proceedings Of The Athanasius Kircher Society: Old Man Kircher is the king of esoterica.

9. Baby Name Wizard’s Name Voyager: Find out how popular a name way, by date, back 100 years.

10. The Show, with Ze Frank: “Thinking so you don’t have to.”

11. Cute Overload: More Cute that you can possibly imagine.

12. The Art of Jacek Yerka: Surrealism + Photorealism = Exquisite.

13. Bush Covers Sunday Bloody Sunday: Supreme video/audio chop-shoppery.

14. True Meaning Of Life: The surviving archives of a once-great, now-dead Q&A site.

15. Stupid Design Network: “The theory of Stupid Design (SD) holds that certain features of the universe and of living things are so ridiculous that there must have been an unintelligent designer behind them.”

16. The Art of Jinyoung Shin: A unique, disturbing artistic style that makes Aeon Flux look like Rubens’ models.

17. The Software of Takeo Igarashi: So simple, a 5-year old could use it.

18. Google Will Eat Itself: “We buy Google via their own advertisement! Google eats itself – but in the end, ‘we’ own it.”

19. Peruvian Gothic: The incredible story of a man who left civilization.

20. Look Around You: Brilliant satirical British anti-educational films.

21. How To Do Some Idiotic Things: In case you ever need to make prison wine or bacon soap.

22. The Microsoft iPod: “We still need to communicate the richness of the product.”

23. The Infinite Cat Project: The growing chain of cats looking at cats looking at cats…

24. Harper’s Index: The statistical equivalent of popcorn: delicious and bite-sized.

25. The Animation of Bruno Bozzetto: Deserving of a lifetime achievement in Italian animation.

26. Pipe Dream: Precussion never sounded so good.

27. Ubuntu: Want a beautiful, free operating system?

28. The Lyrebird: Move over, parrot. This is the true imitator of the avian world.

29. Heatherwick Studios: Brilliant design on any scale.

30. Engrish: Japan is new English linguist.

31. The World of Music: All of music, mapped by similarity onto a sphere.

32. Bump Keying: Your locks are no longer safe.

33. The Cube: Entertaining cold-read technique/party game.

34. CDisplay: The easiest-to-use way to look at a series of pictures out there.

35. The 1k Project II: What 1000 cars look like.

36. Bug Me Not: This is not the personal information you want to to give me a “free login” that you are looking for.

37. Pictures Of Walls: Could Grafitti be the most honest form of expression?

38. Escher & The Droste Effect: Transforming Print Gallery into a fractal.

39. The Elements: Tom Lehrer has a few things to say about chemistry.

40. Myths Over Miami: The story of a religion invented by homeless, self-sufficient children.

41. Autostich: Free panoramic assembly software.

42. FAST Film: How to make 65,000still images printed on paper take on a life of their own.

43. HTMLGraph: See how your favorite (or most hated) website is built.

44. Yu-Mex: How a generation of Yugoslavians were gifted with Mexican culture by their Communist overlords.

45. Book-A-Minute: My summary of this site is longer than many of the book plot summaries provided by this site.

46. Snopes: Debunk some myths.

47. Paul Di Fillipo on the World of Wired Magazine: A scathingly insightful commentary on how Wired sees the world. (.pdf warning)

48. Will It Blend?: More verbosely, “Will our blender turn it to dust?”

49. T-Critic: The Internet’s first and best source for astute T-shirt criticism.

50. Open Secrets: We now live in a world where some things are secret by virtue of being too complex for them to be understood, even when all the facts are plainly available.


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The combination of GPS (Global Positioning System) data and GSR (Galvanic Skin Response) data promises to tell us something about where, geographically, we feel stress.

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